Magnet of Pain

Empathy is born

from understanding pain.

His shoulders are weighted,

with the pain of others.

Unable to deal with their darkness,

They project pain.

Like a magnet desiring its opposite,

His empathy attracts pain.

Without realizing, the pain is swallowed.

Filling His belly.

AAaaaah! the feeling

He just wants to scream it out,

as the pain digests.

Thoughts of weakness swirl in His mind.

“I am weak because I didn’t fight”

The pain landed and now He toils.

Unbeknownst to Him,

His empathy sought the pain.

Empathy would not know itself,

without the pain.

Empathy would not flourish

without the nutrients from pain.

Empathy is born!

Mirrored to others,

maybe not the pain projector,

but to others.

He now understands

why He is a magnet for pain.


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I Don’t Understand, But I Trust

I don’t understand why stars streak across a moonlit sky,

But I trust they land safely in the arms of God.

I don’t understand how an owl flies silently as it eyes fruits of life,

But I trust its grace signifies and ending meant to be.

I don’t understand why beauty asked me for coffee,

But I trust the journey laid before me.

I don’t understand how heart walls lift,

But I trust completeness within my soul.

I don’t understand why all has happened,

But I trust God’s hand on my back.


© Copyright 2021, except photo

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Our Dance


Climb onto my toes.

I will carry the weight of your world

in my strength.

Grab a hold of my waist

and pull me close.

Put your gaze into my eyes

let your smile crinkle.

So I can see the light of happiness

in your soul.


©Copyright 2021, except photo

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Sealing Chambers of Pain


The pulsating energy envelops me
from my crown
to my grounded oneness.
Going deep into forgiveness
creates voids –
voids once housed by pain.
It is not possible to let voids to exist
for if one does, they will fill again
with painful memories.

As the Archangels give this great
healing gift – 
the gift you’ll be keenly aware
from the energy passing through you –
fill the void.
Fill it with love for you.
Love the images of the little boy
As he turns into the man he is.
This awareness, this Love,
seals the chambers of pain.

©Steven Schleupner, 2017, except photo

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Two Hearts of Stone



Two Hearts of Stone

Come together in union

A purpose unrealized

Beating in their false images

And granite confines.

They begin to fragment and crack

The Stones’ blood eases through

Trying to reform the wall

But the beats of time

Cannot endure the inevitable.


Two Hearts of Stone


Lying in the remnants, now sand

Being carried away by waves

To the bottom of the sea.

With each cleansing cycle

And each ray of light

Holding possibilities in its glimmer

Two Hearts of Flesh

Beat new life.


©Steven Schleupner, 2018, excludes photo courtesy of Pixabay.

The Leaving Dove


You once occupied my heart
My heart’s intentions were on you
Now what remains are blackened walls
Charred embers of efforts not taken
I scrape these heart walls
Scrape them to a pile of ashes
As I hold the ashes in my hands
The love I have left turns them to a dove
I blow on it’s tail feathers
As she flies away

Steven Schleupner, 2018

You Are So Beautiful

God you are so beautiful.
As I look at each nook
and cranny
I see a gorgeous
Your jawline.
Your smile.
The way you play
with your hair.
And, your eyes…
They captivate me.
I want to stare into them
for hours
and see deep
into your soul.
God you are so beautiful.
I can’t wait to spend
forever with you.



What if each Star were a Soul,
waiting to breathe new Life,
all its Light, its magnificent light,
harnessed as the power of the Sun, but
able to shine in each body, as a
Oneness, as love, a Love so strong
it lights the darkest sky, and
twinkles in a distance
towards the peace that can be.

© Steven Schleupner, 2017, excludes photo

Heart Rungs


As I lift the cover to my heart
And climb down each rung,
I feel the turmoil built over time.
It speaks of uncertainty of who I am.
Archetypes have formed, molding
Me, shaping my views.
They are hard to escape, and
Prevent me from knowing.
Who is the real Father?
The guy playing catch, or
The guy sacrificing for his clan?
Who is the real Husband?
The guy who walks hand in hand, or
The guy who suffers for his clan?
Who is the real son, friend, neighbor?
I am blind to these.
Who am I?

Take another step down the ladder
Within my heart.
I can’t see, just feel.
Life is giving me opportunity
To see, to believe.
But, this damn archetype
Shadows the clarity.
I know I am the son of God,
That love for me and others
Is all that is asked.

© Steven Schleupner, 2017 excludes photo